What professional riders say about SOLESTAR.


Fabian CancellaraFabian Cancellara

"A top quality insole! It's really important how the foot fits in the shoe. Perfect with SOLESTAR."


André GreipelAndré Greipel

"SOLESTAR: simply more power on the pedal!"

Lotto Belisol


Matteo Trentin Matteo Trentin

"The best insoles!"


Wout van Aert

"With SOLESTAR I am more powerful, especially during sprints and climbs, and my pedal strokes are much straighter than before."

Greg Henderson
Greg Henderson

"I am amazed by the insoles. I can feel the extra push from my SOLESTARs, especially when I get off my saddle."


Johann Vansummeren

"SOLESTAR gives me really great stability and best comfort. I feel how I can bring more power to the pedal."


Christian Knees

"Extremely good feeling on the feet. Tight fit but nevertheless super comfortable. The insoles are also very light. I recommend them highly to any type of rider!"

Maxime Bouet

"With Solestar I am able to use 100% of my foot and feel the full power on the pedal. Foot and shoe become one."

Luka Mezgec

"Small things like insoles can make a significant difference. That feeling pushing hard on the pedals is priceless. Knowing that energy loss is minimized with using Solestar insoles gives me a great pleasure riding."

Gerald Ciolek

"With SOLESTAR I ride better and pain-free. What more could I want!"


Ben King

"SOLESTAR insoles don’t just work, my feet love them!"

Robert Wagner

"SOLESTAR is indispensable for me."



Hayden Roulston

"I can highly recommend SOLESTAR to any cyclist, no matter what the ability or level of cycling. They are the best insoles I've ever used. And I've used a lot!"

Emily Collins
"It's only been a few weeks since riding with SOLESTAR but I instantly felt a lot better on  my bike and have since been riding with straight legs! Miracle... ;)" 


Jesse Sergent

"SOLESTAR were straight away comfortable and yes, it is a great difference riding with them."



Maarten Wynants

"The insoles felt strange during the first three rides... After that, simply fantastic!!"


Rick Zabel

"I cannot ride without them any more."

 Theo Bos

"Feels great!"

 Maxime Monfort

"With SOLESTAR I have a noticeably better feeling on the bike."


Lucas Liß

"Cycling shoes without SOLESTAR? No way!"


Nikolas Maes

"SOLESTAR insoles give me a great feeling on the bike! I highly recommend them!"

Björn Thurau

"The insoles are really great: more comfort and I can feel the improvement whith my pedaling."


Anthony Roux

"Light, stiff, and thin insoles that allow me to better control my pedal movement and bring all my power to the pedal."

Taylor Gunman

"Solestar lays the foundation for speed. When the feet are happy they are able to pedal faster and stronger."

Gruffudd Lewis

"When choosing a bed for your soles, it's essential for me that they cause no discomfort and get every ounce of power through to the pedals. With Solestar I found the necessary amount of support and maximum power transfer."

Shane Perkins

"SOLESTAR is power to the pedal!"

Graeme Brown

"At first strange, then perfect. Never again without them!"


Lisa Brennauer

“The big advantage is that they work against the imbalances in my body, so I can bring the best possible power onto the pedal”

Pauline Ferrand-PrévotPauline Ferrand-Prévot

"I find the Solestar insoles really comfortable. My foot feels completely stable and I really like the feeling that all my power goes straight to the pedal."

Trixi Worrack

“I’m really happy because before I had problems with my right foot and now it’s not there anymore, so I feel really comfortable and stable in my shoe and it really works”

Elena Cecchini

"The feeling I had was really comfortable and that my power was going directly to my pedals."

Alexis Ryan 

"I'm really excited to be working with SOLESTAR! The insoles have helped align my hips while riding and also provide great arch support."


Denis SketakoDenis Sketako

"I have been using SOLESTAR since 2013, they really help a lot. Each win at 180km has included SOLESTAR."

Anne Haug

"SOLESTAR insoles are simply superb! I get more pressure on the pedal and my legs mechanical axis is stable.“ 




Kristin Möller

"The SOLESTAR insoles make the perfect connection between foot and shoe, without any compromises. They allow for a powerful pedal stroke in cycling so that I can always give 100%."


Faris Al-Sultan

"I've been riding insoles for years. SOLESTAR is a great advancement in insole technology. Light, strong and great power transmission.“


Steffen Justus

"The feeling with SOLESTAR is top!“






Sally Bigham

"I had to get used of the stiffness in the beginning. But now I'm really happy with them and to be honest: I wouldn't ride without them any more!"

Konny Looser

"The knowledge and products of SOLESTAR are a MUST for every pro rider!"

Mathias Flückiger

"The insoles are amazing. My knees and my upper body work way more efficient and steady. Perfect! I even use them when I'm working out. Perfect again!"

Lars Forster

"With SOLESTAR cycling insoles I transfer perfect pressure onto the pedal and can thereby access my maximum performance."


Justin LeovJustin Leov

"Using SOLESTAR has been one of those breakthrough products for me. Endurance training has meant I have suffered knee pain. Solestar insoles fixed it straight away. Such a great product." 


Ludo May
Ludo May

“The SOLESTAR insoles have really improved my balance riding downhill.”


Joe Barnes
Joe Barnes

"SOLESTAR insoles feel very comfortable on the bike. They have completely stabilised my ankle, knee and allow for a much more direct power output. "


Ines ThomaInes Thoma

"Thanks to SOLESTAR, I have more power and a better feeling on the bike, which allows me to ride faster." 


Tanja Žakelj

"SOLESTAR insoles provide me with the perfect feeling of foot stability in the cycling shoe ... I can feel by myself how the energy produced by the muscles is being transferred to the pedals."