Life In The Saddle - Review: "The Best!"


Endurance cyclist and blogger Tim Wiggins from the cycling blog Life In The Saddle tested the whole range of our SOLESTAR Insoles.

His conclusion: "They are the best!"

bike magazine 03/2018 on SOLESTAR TOUR: "Superb!"


The road cycling magazine bike tested SOLESTAR TOUR in their march edition, judging the insoles as "Superb!"

New: SOLESTAR NORDIC for xc ski and rollerski

More comfort, stability and control over the cross country skis with SOLESTAR NORDIC

Peaks Coaching Group on the SOLESTAR BLK

Chris Myers, the Master/Elite Cycling Coach of Peaks Coaching Group tested the Solestar BLK insoles. He was impressed by both the efficient power transfer and added stability stating that, “the Solestar BLK inserts are one of the best inserts I have used.”

Strong start for Belgium and SOLESTAR with Van Avermaet, Van Aert and Naesen

Belgium going strong with Van Avermaet, Van Aert and Naesen

Selfie with André

A selfie of the best kind by André Greipel

Pauline Prevot joins Canyon//SRAM

French multi talent Pauline Prevot joins Canyon//SRAM for season 2017



Together, SOLESTAR and Ergon have developed the Ergon IP3 SOLESTAR, a lightweight and comfortable insole for cycling, which offers the rider stability throughout the pedaling motion.


The French cycling blog VELOTECH tested the SOLESTAR BLK insoles. For the reviewers the stability and grip the insole offers in the shoe was immediately noticeable. They had to say that, "for us the test is very favorable and it is unimaginable to part with the insole now."

SOLESTAR KONTROL insoles: TEAMduepi Review

TEAMduepi which was founded in 2006, has tested the SOLESTAR KONTROL insoles. In the writers experienc the insoles offered a feeling of extreme comfort. 

The long road back to glory – the German team pursuit squad

The German team pursuit squad has fought back to the top. Our history #veloRIO.

The Truth About Carbon Cored Cycling Insoles

After using the SOLESTAR KONTROL BLK insoles for more than 1000 km, Cristian Gemmato says that they feel great and he will be using them for many kilometers to come. The reason for this reaction is that the insoles completely changed his feeling on the bike and allowed the power from every pedal kick to go directly onto the pedal. This resulted in him riding faster.

o2online Tests Solestar Insoles

Carola Felchner from tested SOLESTAR insoles to see if they kept their promise of performance improvement. Her conclusion was to give, the insoles and their sophisticated design, a thumbs up.

For More Stability and Balance: SOLESTAR for the CANYON ENDURO FACTORY TEAM

The ambitious CANYON ENDURO FACTORY TEAM relies on the support of SOLESTAR. To start the 2016 Enduro season, the riders of the team were equipped with SOLESTAR cycling insoles.

Proper Pressure Distribution = Higher Performance

For cyclists it is important to have an even distribution of pressure across the ball of the foot and to be stable in the shoe. A stable and rigid foot is hypothesized to create better power transfer than one that is not. In this study, the use of SOLESTAR KONTROL insoles resulted in a better distribution of pressure across the ball of the foot.

MTB-NEWS: Sitting well starts with the feet

As every cyclist knows a proper riding position is paramount to both comfort and performance the editor points out that, “A proper sitting position first and foremost begins with the feet.”

TOUR magazine tests SOLESTAR


TOUR, the number one cycling magazine in Europe, tested SOLESTAR insoles and explained that within cycling shoes the insoles fit, “like a glove.” As a whole TOUR magazine states that they recommend the insoles.



After three years of development in cooperation with experienced ski experts and after countless tests, we are able to have our new alpine skiing insole: SOLESTAR ALPIN.

SOLESTAR is a partner of the Team CANYON//SRAM Racing

The newly formed Women’s Professional Team CANYON//SRAM Racing will be sponsored by SOLESTAR, the German specialists for high performance insoles, in the coming season.

2015 All-American Duathlete Reviews SOLESTAR

Colin Kalescky, one of the top amateaur duathletes in the United States finds the SOLESTAR KONTROL insoles to be, "great and for the small investment it does provide a noticeable increase in comfort." Colin was impressed with the comfort offered and design of the product.

Relief for the Feet

"Tears of joy" is the overall motto of the review of  the SOLESTAR KONTORL ROAD and MTB insoles by David Litt. David found that SOLESTAR insoles were able to alleviate his foot pain while cycling.

SOLESTAR insoles are a cycling must have!


Road cyclist Matt McCain, who was interviewed by Fit Nation Magazine, has SOLESTAR KONTROL ROAD insoles as one of his six must have cycling accessories.

Gravity Lapierre Republic rides SOLESTAR

High-tech insoles as a trend for the downhill gravity scene? Team Lapierre Gravity Republic from France is clear on that: Yes! The downhillers use...

FIETS magazine makes the endurance test with SOLESTAR

"They don't do things by halves" is how one would translate the conclusion of the Dutch road bike magazine 'Fiets'. They had tested the SOLESTAR CUSTOM insoles in an endurance test over 8,500km and tested them at all weather and terrain conditions...

SOLESTAR fitting for the Leopard Development Team at Velofollis

On Saturday 17th of January, the Leopard Development team will visit the Velofollies in Kortrijk , the largest bike show in Benelux . The riders will also be coming by the booth of SOLESTAR partner Bikesolutions (Hall 2, booth #200). There they will be fitted in public with their new SOLESTAR CUSTOM insoles. After the team presentation which will take place at the booth of the team’s new jersey supplier Decca (Hall1, #102) at 13.30, SOLESTAR will also be at the DECCA booth to fit the athletes with customized SOLESTAR insoles by Oliver Elsenbach, inventor of the SOLESTAR insoles.

Peaks Coaching Group about SOLESTAR

The ability to measure left/right pedaling is all the rage in power training right now. The mystical search for efficiency is looking for data to unlock its secrets and make us better cyclists. Here at Peaks Coaching Group we’ve been testing different forms of left/right pedaling measurements for years, and though I’m still a little conflicted about how to use the data for efficiency rating and improvement, I was able to use our research history to learn something I didn’t expect.

Five Tips on how to find the right cycling shoe

Oliver Elsenbach, inventor of SOLESTAR and cycling expert, has five tips for you finding the perfectly finding the right cycling shoes for yourself.