FIETS magazine makes the endurance test with SOLESTAR


Fiets Magazine"Geen halve zolen", "They don't do things by halves" is how one would translate the conclusion of the Dutch road bike magazine Fiets after they had tested the SOLESTAR CUSTOM insoles in an endurance test over 8,500km and two years under all possible weather and terrain conditions.

Fiets test editor Mathjis Wagenaar (photo) was impressed by the significant stabilisation of the foot and the added power transfer. Wagenaar also testifies the high quality of materials used for the insoles. He could see almost no wear of the insoles after having used them in such heavy conditions over this length in time.

The purchase is well invested money, he states, and if one can spare the individual adaption, he recommends SOLESTAR KONTROL insoles as a very good alternative

Original version of the article (in Dutch)