For More Stability and Balance: SOLESTAR for the CANYON ENDURO FACTORY TEAM


CANYON ENDURO FACTORY TEAMThe ambitious CANYON ENDURO FACTORY TEAM relies on the support of SOLESTAR. To start the 2016 Enduro season, the riders of the team were equipped with SOLESTAR cycling insoles.

"We are very proud of the cooperation with the CANYON ENDURO FACTORY TEAM, with Justin Leov, Joe Barnes, Ines Thoma and Ludo May the team will be fighting for the world title this year," said SOLESTAR CEO Florian Haver, "This cooperation once again proves that the SOLESTAR insole, with its unique functioning principle, whether in the street or on the trails, provides enhanced performance and comfort for every cyclist."

Since the fitting of the CANYON ENDURO FACTORY TEAM with SOLESTAR insoles in March at the team meeting in Italy, the riders have already extensively tested their new high-performance insoles in training and competition. The New Zealander Justin Leov, who has struggled with knee pain since his move from downhill to Enduro, appears very happy, "With the SOLESTAR insoles painless training was immediately possible, I'm so grateful to be pain free, SOLESTAR is such a great product." His teammates Ludo May and Joe Barnes especially appreciate the support of the insole, which provides improved balance during descents." When you pedal for hours it is very important to have your lower body, from the hips to the ankles, straight giving the best balance when riding downhill. In this way the insole definitely help me a lot,” explains Ludo May on the effect of the SOLESTAR insoles. When it comes to improving performance, many things have to work together. Therefore, for Ines Thoma the SOLESTAR insoles are another important detail in the improvement of the overall performance on the bike: "Thanks to Solestar we got the chance to work on our most important contact point to our bikes."

The first endurance test of the season, for the athletes and SOLESTAR, was at the opening race of the Enduro World Series 2016 in Corral, Chile. The New Zealander Justin Leov, who after his shoulder operation, is on the way to find his old form, along with Joe Barnes, Ines Thoma and Ludo May started the season out on the Strive CF. A few days later, at the second race in Argentina, Ines Thoma ended up with a 4th place finish.