The Truth About Carbon Cored Cycling Insoles


After using the SOLESTAR KONTROL BLK insoles for more than 1000 km, Cristian Gemmato of Ketterechts says that they feel great and he will be using them for many kilometers to come. The reason for this reaction is that the insoles completely changed his feeling on the bike and allowed the power from every pedal kick to go directly onto the pedal. This resulted in him riding faster.

Gemmato states, that the pedals are one of only three points of contact between the bike and rider. This is where the transmission of force from the legs takes place. The goal here is to have a compact system which allows for efficient power transfer. In Gemmato's opinion, an insole can help transfer energy especially when it cradles the foot properly, supports the shoe and does not allow for a buckling of the foot. This is where the SOLESTAR insole was great for Gemmato, due to the insole fitting perfectly in the shoe, its compact build and stiff carbon core the insole allowed for less power loss during the cycling motion.

At first due to the extra support, especially under the arch of the foot, the insole felt different to Gemmato. However the insole, in Gemmato's experience, was easy to adjust to and he does not even notice it anymore. His final analysis is that the insole has allowed for an improved pedal/shoe system and has allowed him to gain a few km/h as well as watts in his power transfer.

To read the full article (in German) follow this link: Ketterechts SOLESTAR Review