MTB-NEWS: Sitting well starts with the feet


MTB-NEWS states that SOLESTAR insoles are, “not just about the perfect power transfer to the pedals. An efficient and continuing support of the musculoskeletal system is also an object of insoles.” As every cyclist knows a proper riding position is paramount to both comfort and performance the editor points out that, “A proper sitting position first and foremost begins with the feet.”

The writer was most impressed with the extra support of the ankle, which was immediately apparent, from the pronounced side wall of the insole. He believes that these insoles are not just for the professionals but also for the hobby riders. This is because, “There is hardly a person who does not have, in some way, a misalignment of the musculoskeletal system.” The author sees these insoles as the path to help alleviate rudimentary pain in both the knees and pelvis for cyclists. However, even if there is believed to be no need for correction, the insoles also offer enhanced stamina and performance for riders.

Later the writer carried out an experiment with the SOLESTAR insoles. He used the SOLESTAR insole in his left shoe while using the factory insole in his right. He stated that, "With the SOLESTAR insole my left foot had more guidance, while the right foot I could always feel the ankle dipping slightly inward." He attributed this to the extra support given by the inner wall on the arch.

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