Ergon, the experts in grips, saddles and ergonomic accessories have now, through the help of SOLESTAR, transferred their competencies to insoles. Through this partnership, SOLESTAR and Ergon bring the new Ergon IP3 SOLESTAR insole to the market.

The Ergon IP3 SOLESTAR is both developed and manufactured in Germany. This insole, which is manufactured by Ergon, is the economical entry into the SOLESTAR product range.

Through the use of lightweight materials, such as a fiber-reinforced plastic core (Glass fiber composite), the Ergon IP3 SOLESTAR insoles employ the patented Stabilization-Delta of SOLESTAR allowing for an efficient and comfortable cycling motion. This Stabilization-Delta allows the insole to bring the foot into the optimal neutral position for cycling.

This provides the rider optimal guidance of the foot throughout the pedaling motion. The insoles also offer more comfort, due to their orthopedic foam top layer giving a higher level of damping for the foot.

These insoles can be purchased here on the SOLESTAR website.