New: SOLESTAR NORDIC for xc ski and rollerski


SOLESTAR NORDICOver the course of two years we have been developing and testing our insole concept to fit the needs in a completely new field of sports activity: xc skiing and rollerski. We can finally announce the release of our new SOLESTAR NORDIC insoles. They are highly functional and supportive in both classic and skating xc skiing. The insoles are now available at your local dealer or in the SOLESTAR online shop.

Thanks to the patented SOLESTAR Stabilization Delta SOLESTAR NORDIC insoles deliver a biomechanically optimized and profoundly more stable base for the foot in the shoe. This results in more control over the skis, more comfort and guidance.

The development of SOLESTAR NORDIC was accompanied by renowned and highly experienced athletes. Above all Jean-Marc Gaillard helped us greatly in finding the perfect insole shape and material. Next to many other victories Gaillard won the bronze medal in Sotchi 2014 and finished third in the Nordic World Championships in Falun in 2015.

Gaillard says about SOLESTAR NORDIC: "Solestar Nordic insoles are an enourmous support for me, be it in skating or the classic xc skiing. I simply have more control over my skis and an improved power transfer."

SOLESTAR NORDIC insoles have a load-stable, glass reinforced PA core as well as an EVA damping layer and an anti-bacterial micro fibre cover. They are very light, keep the foot stable, but also allow for the necessary rolling off movement of the forefoot which is needed for classic xc skiing.

Not only does the SOLESTAR principle guarantee the high functionality of the insoles, but also their handling is super easy. Managing director of SOLESTAR, Florian Haver, explains:
"SOLESTAR NORDIC insoles are unique in how the support the rider in xc skiing and rollerski. Thanks to the patented insole design there is no need to select different versions for the different foot types. The insoles also don't need to be modified in any way. With SOLESTAR NORDIC we are setting a new benchmark in what an insole can provide for the rider in xc skiing and rollerski."


Like all other SOLESTAR insoles, SOLESTAR NORDIC come with the SOLESTAR satisfaction guarantee which makes buying SOLESTAR insoles risk free. If a customer is not satisfied with his product, he can return the insoles within 6 weeks for a full refund. 





SOLESTAR supports the German Rollerski Team Vohenstrauss

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