Peaks Coaching Group on the SOLESTAR BLK


Chris Myers, the Master/Elite Cycling Coach of Peaks Coaching Group tested the Solestar BLK insoles. He was impressed by both the efficient power transfer and added stability stating that, “the Solestar BLK inserts are one of the best inserts I have used” and that they, “provide more stability and power transfer to the pedals than my Specialized inserts.” The Level 2 USA Cycling Coach further stated that he “was able to ride longer and harder with less knee pain” after acclimating to the insoles and making the proper adjustments as recommended by Solestar. The pain relief was not only in the case of longer rides but also after sprinting. As stated by Chris the pain relief can be attributed to the fact that the, “Solestar BLK insoles appear to place my feet in the correct position within the shoe for the proper power transfer throughout the pedal stroke.”

Chris points out that the Solestar BLK insole changed the characteristics of his pedaling, “but changed it for the better.” Previously he had a point at the top of his pedal stroke, which he referred to as a “dead spot”, after using the Solestar insoles Chris notes that the dead spot was reduced and that, “this is a significant improvement when every little bit of efficiency counts!” Chris goes on to say that the Solestar BLK, “is a great product and that I will recommend it to anyone of my athletes.”