Proper Pressure Distribution = Higher Performance


In the case study carried out by Anthony Mezzini for Elbows Akimbo, the plantar (sole of the foot) pressure distribution can be improved by the use of orthotic devices. One of the devices used was the SOLESTAR KONTROL insole. The insole was able to distribute the pressure of the foot more evenly across the ball of the foot as shown in the picture below (top is without the insole and bottom is with the insole).

This is important because for cyclists an even distribution of pressure across the ball of the foot and stability in the shoe allow for higher performance. This higher performance comes in the form of a more efficient power transfer through the use of a more stable and rigid foot.

Due to the fact that the ball of the foot is the meeting point between cyclist and pedal, this is where the power is transferred from the body to the bike. "Therefore, from a performance perspective, in order to maximise force transfer efficiently it is important that the majority of plantar pressure is located in this region."  To read the full study follow this link: Pressure Distribution Case Study