Relief for the Feet


"Tears of joy" is the overall motto of the review of  the SOLESTAR KONTROLSOLESTAR KONTROL MTB ROAD and MTB insoles by David Litt. David has suffered from foot pain when cycling for years, he has taken many steps to fight this pain. One of these steps was to utilize cycling insoles. Most insoles were not able to help with his pain. David then tried SOLESTAR insoles which were able to help relieve this pain. He stated that SOLESTAR insoles, "are NOT like cheap one-size-fits-all inserts that are cut to fit in your shoe."

SOLESTAR KONTROL ROADAfter riding the 1230 km of Paris-Brest-Paris David was left in tears, "but tears of joy instead of pain." David was impressed by the design of the product, touching on the fact that the insoles are, "thick where they need to be, thin where they need to be, they are stiff and flexible just where needed. They hug and stabilize your foot."

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