SOLESTAR fitting for the Leopard Development Team at Velofollis


Leopard Development TeamOn Saturday 17th of January, the Leopard Development team will visit the Velofollies in Kortrijk , the largest bike show in Benelux . The riders will also be coming by the booth of SOLESTAR partner Bikesolutions (Hall 2, booth #200). There they will be fitted in public with their new SOLESTAR CUSTOM insoles. After the team presentation which will take place at the booth of the team’s new jersey supplier Decca (Hall1, #102) at 13.30, SOLESTAR will also be at the DECCA booth to fit the athletes with customized SOLESTAR insoles by Oliver Elsenbach, inventor of the SOLESTAR insoles.

Riders of the Leopard Development team have made the leap to pro teams in the past again and again. "Cycling is our passion. Therefore we are happy to support especially young teams with our know-how and our products, " says SOLESTAR Managing Director Oliver Elsenbach.

Team Manager Markus Zingen notes: "There is much to learn for a young rider becoming a professional cyclist. There are many details which are interlinked and which must work together perfectly in order for a rider to be successful. Using SOLESTAR insoles is one of these elements which makes a difference. We rely on SOLESTAR for years."

SOLESTAR @ Velofollies:

- Bikesolutions booth: Hall 2, #200
- Decca booth at 14:30 on Saturday: Hall 1, #102