SOLESTAR is a partner of the Team CANYON//SRAM Racing


The newly formed Women’s Professional Team CANYON//SRAM Racing will be sponsored by SOLESTAR, the German specialists for high performance insoles, in the coming season. In the professional men’s cycling world, SOLESTAR has been firmly established for some time. Now, the company wants to upgrade the women riders of the Team CANYON//SRAM Racing with the SOLESTAR insoles.

“We are very happy to work together with the team,” says SOLESTAR CEO Florian Haver. “We like the philosophy of the team, the desire to inspire the world of women’s racing sport and to attract more women to the sport of cycling. We are proud to contribute with our products and our know-how to develop the team into one of the most professional and most successful teams of the peleton.” For Team Manager Ronny Lauke, cooperation with innovative partners is an important element for the success of the team: “Having innovative performance partners gives us a distinct advantage in our ambitions.”

Women Power with SOLESTAR Support

Trixi_Worrack_Lisa_Brennauer_Ronny_LaukeWith Mieke Kröger and Lisa Brennauer in the team, the squad already includes two athletes who have ridden SOLESTAR insoles for quite some time. Lisa Brennauer: "I`m looking forward to working together with Solestar. My Solestar insole is individually made for me and my needs. It is extremely necessary for my performance because it supports the power transmission." Together with Trixi Worrack and Team Manager Ronny Lauke, Lisa visited the SOLESTAR development laboratory in Cologne. In December, Oliver Elsenbach, sports scientist and developer of SOLESTAR insoles, will accompany the team in their training camp, and there will create SOLESTAR CUSTOM insoles for each of the riders.