SOLESTAR KONTROL insoles: TEAMduepi Review


TEAMduepi which was founded in 2006, has tested the SOLESTAR KONTROL insoles. In the writers experienc the insoles offered a feeling of extreme comfort. Though it is necessary to give time for your foot to adjust to the added stability of the insole it was noted that the rider had a comfortable fit from the second ride on. The reviewer notes that, "you can forget tingling and little pains, that sometimes - especially during long training sessions - might occur". It was also stated that the "insoles bring the foot into the ideal position for cycling and keep it there, granting an outstanding and optimal transmission of forces from your legs to the pedals." 

While compared to other insoles such as the heath moldable insoles used by the reviewer the SOLESTAR insoles have numerous pluses such as being: super comfy and flexible, easy to use and effective, the insoles give you exactly what was promised.

The reviewer finished by saying that the SOLESTAR insoles are, "Maybe a little bit higher than the average insoles, 
but they are surely worth the money! Highly recommended!"

Find the full review here in both Italian and English. 

Team DuePi