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SOLESTAR insoles together with the US leaders in training with power Peaks Coaching Group


By Tim Cusick, PCG President and Elite Coach


According to Tim, the Solestar insoles really work:

"Great feelings and data clearly demonstrate that they have helped balance my pedaling, as noted by the clear change. I do believe this has helped my efficiency, but it’s really hard to connect to the data, so just take it as a feeling.

All I can CONFIRM is that they did change my pedal power balance. I believe their stabilization-delta technology was key to my success, as I was forced to adjust my left heel from day one of using the insole. I now believe that my foot was looking for that support and was leading me to run that heal more in, thus not correcting the issues in my left leg and hip.

Congrats to the team at Solestar, and thanks for letting us in on this great product!

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