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A unique product & functioning principle

100% Made in Germany!

  • No loss of power
  • Highest comfort
  • Maximum stability


The SOLESTAR KONTROL was developed for performance-minded cyclist, focusing on improved force transmission and increased comfort.

+ Rigid and load-stable glass fiber core
+ Developed for ambitious cyclists
+ Improved force transmission and comfort



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With it's lightweight and extremely rigid carbon core the SOLESTAR BLK provides uncompromising stability and is the insole of choice of numerous WorldTour pro cyclists.

+ High-quality carbon core for maximum stability
+ Developed for competitive cyclists and triathletes
+ Uncompromising stability and force transmission



The SOLESTAR TOUR  supports you with it's walk flex and comfortable cushioning on the bike as well as on walking sections.

+ Rigid glass fiber core that also allows roll-off movement
+ Developed for touring riders
+ Noticeably more comfort in cycling- and athletic shoes



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The Ergon IP3 SOLESTAR convinces with an improved force transmission and comfort for an attractive price.

+ Rigid fibre enforced plastic core
+ Fits any cycling and athletic shoe
+ High walk flex combined with increased stability on the bike



SOLESTAR NORDIC insoles optimize the foot position and stability of the foot in the show significantly. For use in classic, skating and rollerski boots.

  • + Increased stability in the xc ski boot
  • + Better control over the skis
  • + Improved power transfer
Insoles and Packaging


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SOLESTAR ALPIN insoles stabilize the foot in the ski boot and support the foot optimally in the power transfer to both edges.

  • + More stability in the ski boot
  • + Better comfort and performance
  • + More control over the ski 
Lake CX 237 - SOLESTAR Bundle


Every stitch and millimeter of the Lake CX237 cycling shoe has been designed to maximize performance while also delivering durability and comfort. 

      + Extremely lightweight
      + Precise fit for those with wider feet
      + Can be bundled with SOLESTAR insoles

Lake MX 237 - SOLESTAR Bundle


Lake MX237 cycling shoes, for cyclocross, gravel racing and cross country, have an incredibly rigid structure yet remain comfortable due to the forming leather used in the main area of the body.

+ Rigid structure
+ Precise fit for those with wider feet
+ Can be bundled with SOLESTAR insoles



SOLESTAR socks make your choice of insoles visible.

Material: active breathing material, tight fit, elastic shafts.

Color: white and red / black and red