Cycling Insoles

A unique product & functioning principle

100% Made in Germany!

  • No loss of power
  • Highest comfort
  • Maximum stability

Product Overview
KONTROL Insoles Top View
( 9 Reviews )

The SOLESTAR KONTROL was developed for performance-minded cyclist, focusing on improved force transmission and increased comfort.

+ Rigid and load-stable glass fiber core
+ Developed for ambitious cyclists
+ Improved force transmission and comfort

BLK Insoles Top View
( 17 Reviews )

With it's lightweight and extremely rigid carbon core the SOLESTAR BLK provides uncompromising stability and is the insole of choice of numerous WorldTour pro cyclists.

+ High-quality carbon core for maximum stability
+ Developed for competitive cyclists and triathletes
+ Uncompromising stability and force transmission


The SOLESTAR TOUR  supports you with it's walk flex and comfortable cushioning on the bike as well as on walking sections.

+ Rigid glass fiber core that also allows roll-off movement
+ Developed for touring riders
+ Noticeably more comfort in cycling- and athletic shoes

( 1 Review )

The Ergon IP3 SOLESTAR convinces with an improved force transmission and comfort for an attractive price.

+ Rigid fibre enforced plastic core
+ Fits any cycling and athletic shoe
+ High walk flex combined with increased stability on the bike