Quality and function

A unique functioning principle

  • No loss of power
  • Highest comfort
  • Maximum stability

The SOLESTAR Stabilization-Delta

The SOLESTAR insoles are based on a highly innovative and patented concept, the Stabilization-Delta. 

The Stabilization-Delta works like a clamp in your cycling shoes: with its three main contact points it provides strong support for the foot during the entire pedaling cycle. The foot is brought into the optimal neutral position for power transmission and then held there for the duration of the pedalling cycle.


German University for Sports Sciences in Cologne proves functioning principle of SOLESTAR insoles

Deutsche SporthochschuleA study performed by the German University for Sports Sciences under supervision of Dr. Achim Schmidt has scientifically examined the functioning principle of the SOLESTAR insoles.

The results were presented at the European Congress for Sports Sciences (ECSS). The result was significant: In average the probands were able to increase their power output by 6.9%.

Leistungszuwachs der Probanden in Watt

For the study 25 cyclists of different age and performance levels executed three sprinting tests with their own cycling shoe standard insoles. The average sprinting performance was measured in the anarobic alactic metabolism range (creatine phosphate storage).

In a seperate examination round the cyclists were equipped with SOLESTAR insoles. After two weeks of adaption time with basic training, excluding sprinting phases, the analysis was repeated. 

 Abstract of the study (pdf)