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SOLESTAR ALPIN 23.5-24 | Highlights

The unique SOLESTAR ALPIN skiing insoles work like a brace for your foot in your ski boot. With their load-stable Black Fiber core the insole brings the foot into the optimal position for skiing. And keeps it there.

+ Dual edge control for more controlled swings
+ Better power transmission for better and longer ski rides
+ Perfect fit in all ski boots

6 week customer satisfaction guarantee!

Available at certified SOLESTAR dealers or online from us. In the online shop please have your ski boots and size at hand.

SOLESTAR ALPIN 23.5-24 | Attributes

Boot size (Mondopoint)
23.5 – 24
Walk Flex


SOLESTAR ALPIN 23.5-24 | Description


The unique SOLESTAR ALPIN skiing insoles have been designed for skiers. The insoles give the highest support to the rider at the most important link for power transfer, through the use of a Black Fiber core that extends from the heel to the forefoot.

What makes the SOLESTAR skiing insoles so innovative lies in the patented Stabilization-Delta: it gives the foot the support it needs during the pressure phase inside the ski boot and provides long lasting stability. The foot has a better grip in the boot, allowing power to be transferred directly to the ski. This allows for boot designs to work more efficiently.

Due to the Dual Edge Control, SOLESTAR ALPIN skiing insoles are unlike any other insoles currently on the market. This allows for better power transfer to both edges of the skis. While carving the inside ski can be controlled using little pressure on the forefoot. The direct power transmission and edge control is most apparent in short turns.

SOLESTAR ALPIN skiing insoles contain a Black Fiber core. The material is stiff and yet lightly flexible, specifically developed for use under high pressure loads.

SOLESTAR ALPIN skiing insoles, with their strengthening layer of 1-1,5mm and 2 mm of ultra-resilient cushioning material, are the thinnest ready-made insoles on the market!

Double sizes (23723,5 – 31/31,5) corresponding to shell size, mean that SOLESTAR ALPIN skiing insoles can be worn in any ski boot comfortably without any further customization simply by choosing the right boot size.

Available at selected dealers and in the SOLESTAR online shop.


If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return your SOLESTAR ALPIN skiing insoles within 6 weeks to get a full refund.

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