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SOLESTAR BLK | Highlights

The SOLESTAR CUSTOM cycling insoles, with its load-stable carbon core, brings the foot into the optimal position for cycling. And keeps it there. The insoles unite highest quality in material, manufacturing and function:

  • Individually fitted for each cyclist
  • Hand-made product
  • Core made from 100% carbon

6 week customer satisfaction guarantuee!

  • This custom product is only available at our local dealers.
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SOLESTAR BLK | Attributes

Road Cycling, MTB (XC, Marathon), MTB (Downhill), Triathlon, Cyclocross
Walk Flex


SOLESTAR BLK | Description

The SOLESTAR CUSTOM cycling insoles are designed to take the individual situation of each cyclist into account. In addition to the Stabilization-Delta, which brings and holds the foot in the right position for cycling, SOLESTAR CUSTOM also allows for the correction of individual asymmetries in the body statics when cycling. In order to diagnose the right measurements our certified dealers follow a close analysis of each rider. Based on the results the individual body statics can be determined. According to these, a pair of insoles is assembled and produced to 100% fit the riders feet, shoes and potential problems when riding.


The unique SOLESTAR CUSTOM cycling insoles have been designed for cyclists. The insoles give the highest support to the rider at the most important link for power transfer, through the use of a carbon core that extends from the heel to the forefoot.

What makes the SOLESTAR cycling insoles so innovative lies in the patented Stabilization-Delta, which works like a clamp in your cycling shoes. The Stabilization-Delta brings the foot into the optimal neutral position while giving the foot the support it needs during the pressure phase inside the cycling shoe and provides long lasting stability. The foot has a better grip in the shoe, allowing power to be transferred directly to the pedal.

SOLESTAR CUSTOM cycling insoles have a high quality carbon core allowing a maximum of pressure load without losing stability or control.

SOLESTAR Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return your SOLESTAR CUSTOM insoles within 6 weeks to get a full refund.


How the Stabilization-Delta Works

Team Radio Shack Impressions [Archive 2012]

High-tech materials and hand-made production.

Customized by handHighest quality materials and precise manufacturing of all components determine the production at SOLESTAR. Each insole is carefully customized by hand. The core of the SOLESTAR CUSTOM insole is made from a specifically developed carbon material which provides maximum rigidity but minimal weight.

SOLESTAR CUSTOM is available only from exclusively-certified SOLESTAR dealers.


Here we provide you with details about which steps are used to customize your SOLESTAR CUSTOM by the certified SOLESTAR dealer

1. Appointement Enquiry

To adapt your SOLESTAR insoles, make an appointment with one of our certified specialists. Don't forget to bring your cycling shoes! Our dealers are specially trained SOLESTAR experts.

Individual analysis

2. Measuring and Anamnesis

During the appointment, we make a full inspection and exact measurements of your feet. To start with, we check the fit of the cycling shoes. Then follows a statistical analysis of the feet, the position of the knees, and the status of the muscles. This test can be supplemented by using a dynamic analysis, which is based on the normal cycling motion.

Your feedback is very important during these steps of the analysis. Please inform your dealer of any discomfort, such as pressure points on your feet, or possible problems related to past injuries. The results of the examination are recorded for the individual customization of the SOLESTAR carbon insoles by using an exact imprint of your feet. The imprints are usually done with an orthopedic blueprint or a digital scanner. 

3. The Custom Fit

Based on the information of your feet, body statics and your cycling shoes a pair of SOLESTAR insoles will be produced.

4.The Final Touch

Your new SOLESTAR insoles will be finished in only a few days. The process is completed when you pick up your SOLESTAR insoles. Your dealer will check that the cycling shoe fits perfectly and, if necessary, make final adjustments.

5. Working In 

You should work in your new SOLESTAR insoles at least two or three times under normal conditions before taking part in any major races or longer tours. That way, you'll be used to the new cycling sensation and get your muscles attuned to the benefits that SOLESTAR insoles provide.

6. SOLESTAR Satisfaction Guarantuee

In case you are not 100% satisfied with your insoles after the first 4 to 5 rides, your dealer will check and have your insoles modified free of charge. If after that you are still not satisfied, you can return your SOLESTAR CUSTOM insoles within 3 months to get a full refund.

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