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Mountain biking makes special demands of the rider: Over uneven terrain the rider has to absorb the shocks and at the same time keep the balance. This is what the SOLESTAR KONTROL MTB cycling insoles have been designed for.

  • Highest comfort in the cycling shoe
  • Great stability on the pedal
  • Protection against overstressing

Recommended for Freeride, Dirt, Gravity, Allmountain and Trecking shoes.

SOLESTAR Satisfaction Guarantee:
100% satisfied or 6 Weeks Money-Back!
Made 100% in Germany

6 weeks money-back Guarantee! SOLESTAR 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeAvailable at certified SOLESTAR dealers or online from us.
In the online shop please have your cycling shoe and size at hand.


MTB (Downhill)




Mountain biking makes special demands of the rider

Over uneven terrain the rider has to absorb the shocks and at the same time keep the balance. This is what the SOLESTAR KONTROL MTB cycling insoles have been designed for. A special cushioning layer within the SOLESTAR KONTROL MTB cycling insoles adds comfort and supports the foot in jumps or stoney passages. The rigid Black Fiber core also allows for more direct feedback and control over the bike.

We recommend SOLESTAR Kontrol MTB for shoes from the following areas

  • Freeride, Dirt or Gravity, e.g. 'Five Ten Freerider' or 'Shimano SH-AM45'
  • Allmountain and Trekking e.g. 'Mavic Alpine' or 'Northwave Explorer'

Developed and manufactured 100% in Germany

What makes the SOLESTAR cycling insoles so innovative lies in the patented Stabilization-Delta, which works like a clamp in your cycling shoes. The Stabilization-Delta brings the foot into the optimal neutral position while giving the foot the support it needs during the pressure phase inside the cycling shoe and provides long lasting stability. The foot has a better grip in the shoe, allowing power to be transferred directly to the pedal.

SOLESTAR KONTROL MTB cycling insoles contain a Black Fiber core. The material is stiff and yet lightly flexible, specifically developed for use under high pressure loads.

SOLESTAR SATISFACTION GUARANTEE 6 weeks money-back Guarantee! SOLESTAR 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

SOLESTAR KONTROL MTB insoles make a huge difference!
It may be hard to believe, so we encourage you to test them thoroughly.
If within 6 weeks
of testing you are not 100% satisfied, you can return your SOLESTAR KONTROL MTB insoles to get a full refu


When purchasing in our online shop, you only need to provide us with your shoe brand and size and the correct size for you will automatically be selected.
If you are purchasing the SOLESTAR insoles at a SOLESTAR dealer please check our Sizing Chart

SOLESTAR Cycling Team

Customer Reviews (18)



Gute Qualität
Chris(Posted on 8/3/2016)
Gute Qualität und netter Persönlicher Kontakt.
Good quality
Chris(Posted on 8/3/2016)
Good quality and nice personal contact.
The best - never without again!
Volker(Posted on 7/25/2016)
I use the insoles in my FiveTen platform pedal shoes There is a lot of foot support. Actually I was originally pleased with the insoles that came in my shoes. But the Solestar Kontrol MTB insole is just outstanding – and that is without individual fitting.
There is an adjustment period with the insoles but after that the pedal comfort is significantly better. Better grip, power transmision, less numbness during long rides and the knee problems I once had are no more – what more could you want! I can recommend the insoles to everyone, even those without click pedals.
I will certainly now equip both my road shoes and snowboard boots with the proper insoles…
Top - Nie wieder ohne!
Volker(Posted on 7/25/2016)
Bin begeistert!
FH(Posted on 6/24/2016)
Hervorragender Service verbunden mit einer optimalen Beratung. Die MTB Sohle sollte in keinem guten Schuh fehlen.
I'm thrilled!
FH(Posted on 6/24/2016)
Excellent service combined with great advice. The MTB sole should not be missing from any shoe.
Will never ride without
C.D(Posted on 4/13/2016)
I have ridden the Solestar Kontrol mtb insole for 5 weeks and have noticed a significant improvement in my entire foot position within the shoe and on the pedals. The sole is comfortable compared to the supplied soles.
Dreeeeeamlike… *.*
Banki_NRT(Posted on 3/30/2016)
I have now had the pleasure to use the insoles approximately 5 weeks. After this time, I have only one problem:

Why do I have only one pair? ;)

The support in the shoe and the power transmission on the pedal are just phenomenal. :)

I always had problems with the right knee that was prone to have a slight instability. Not anymore.

I am just thrilled.
Die besten
Pfaffy(Posted on 2/19/2016)
Ich habe viele andere Sohlen probiert und diese sind mit Abstand die besten. Auf dem Rad fühlen sie sich sehr komfortabel an und unterstützen mich. Sie verringern das Volumen im Schuh wie jede andere Sohle, ich habe schmale Füße und für mich ist dies kein Problem.
Die Sohlen sind brilliant
JE(Posted on 2/10/2016)
Die Einlegesohlen machen genau dass, was sie von sich behaupten. Ich bin Physiotherapeut und empfehle sie allen Radsportlern die Probleme mit ihrer Fußstabilität haben. Was nicht so im Vordergrund steht, ich aber sehr wichtig finde, ist das Verringern von einschlafenden Füßen und die Steigerung der Leistung.
Simply Super
AV(Posted on 2/1/2016)
I have ridden the insoles now for two months and must say I am super excited :-))

The first 10 minutes were weird, but the days after that, I had only positive experiences with them. I have less foot pain and my knee stinging is also as good as gone. I have tried to ride without them for one week and felt the same pain, so I’m going to only ride with these insoles. I am also very happy with the transmission of power on the pedal. I can only recomend them to everyone.
A significant added value of comfort and efficiency.
Norman(Posted on 2/1/2016)
I have ridden the Solestar Kontrol MTB for several weeks and am super happy with the fit and the noticeable increase in comfort. Above all, with these insoles the burning soles (which haunted me for years) have completely gone away. Futhermore, I have problems with a Halux valgus, even here I see noticeable improvement and less irritation in these places.

All in all, the soles are my new partner on the bike. As one of the junctions of man to machine, the mony is invested very useful here. I feel noticeably more comfortable on the bike and can also say they subjectively bring more power to the pedal.
These insole are brilliant.
JE(Posted on 11/6/2015)
These insole do everything they say they do. I am a Physiotherapist and recommend these to those cyclists that are having problems with foot stability. What hasn't been mentioned and I feel appropriate is that they also reduce tiredness and increase performance.
The best
Pfaffy(Posted on 11/5/2015)
I tried many other insoles and these were the best by far. On the bike they are very comfortable and supportive. They reduce the volume in the shoe about as much as any insole, but my foot is on the narrow side so not a problem for me.
Ein spürbarer Mehrwert an Komfort und Effizienz
Norman(Posted on 4/16/2015)
Ich fahre die Solestar Kontrol MTB schon mehere Wochen und bin mit der Passform und dem spürbaren Komfortzuwachs super zufrieden. Vor allem hat sich mit den Einlagen das Sohlenbrennen(welches mich seit Jahren verfolgt) komplett verabschiedet. Des Weiteren habe ich Probleme mit einem Halux Valgus, sogar hier merke ich spürbare Verbesserung und weniger Reiz an den markanten Stellen.

Alles in Allem sind die Sohlen mein neuer Partner auf dem Bike. Als eine der Verbindungsstellen von Mensch zur Maschine ist das Geld hier sehr sinnvoll investiert. Ich fühle mich spürbar wohler auf dem Bike und kann subjektiv auch mehr Leistung bringen.
Einfach Super
AV(Posted on 4/15/2015)
Fahre die Sohlen jetzt zwei Monate und muss sagen bin Super begeistert :-))
Die ersten 10 min waren ungewohnt, aber die tage danach habe ich nur Positive Erfahrung mit gemacht. Ich habe weniger Fußschmerzen und mein Kniestechen ist auch so gut wie gar nicht mehr da. Habe 1 Woche mal ohne Probiert und habe gemerkt da fehlt mir was und so fahre ich die Sohlen jetzt nur noch und bin Glücklich meine Kraft aufs Pedal zu übertragen. Kann ich nur jeden Empfehlen.
Trauuuuumhaft... *.*
Banki_NRT(Posted on 4/15/2015)
Ich habe nun seit ca 5 Wochen das Vergnügen, diese Sohlen nutzen zu dürfen. Nach dieser Zeit habe ich nur ein Problem damit. VERDAMMT!!!

Warum habe ich nur ein Paar? ;)

Halt im Schuh und der Druck auf dem Pedal sind einfach Phänomenal. :)

Sonst hatte ich immer Probleme mit dem rechten Knie, dass zu einer leichten Instabilität neigte. Sowas zahlt nun zur Vergangenheit.

Ich bin einfach nur begeistert.
ohne geht nicht mehr
C.D(Posted on 4/15/2015)
Ich fahre die Solstar Kontrol mtb Einlage jetzt seit 5 Wochen und kann eine deutliche Verbesserung meiner gesamten Fußposition im Schuh und auf der Pedale feststellen. Die Sohle ist im Vergleich zu den mitgelieferten Sohlen um Welten angenehmer.