Suplest Edge 3 Performance Bundle-Weiß-39-Suplest

Suplest Edge 3 Performance Bundle-Weiß-39-Suplest
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Suplest Edge 3 Performance Bundle-Weiß-39-Suplest | Highlights

Shoes made by bikers.

Do you want to ride fast and in style? If so, the Edge/3 Performance Road performance shoes are what you are looking for! These road shoes, powered by the patented SOLESTAR cycling insoles, Boa® Closure System and Carbon Shield are functional and efficient combined with a perfect fit allowing you to be fast.

  • High performance and ideal fit
  • Precise fit for those with slimmer feet
  • Includes SOLESTAR Suplest cycling insole
When bundled with the SOLESTAR products you will receive a discount on the Suplest Edge/3 Pro shoes.

Suplest Edge 3 Performance Bundle-Weiß-39-Suplest | Attributes

39 (7)
Desired Insole
SOLESTAR Suplest Insole
Road Cycling
Semiprofessional, Competition


Suplest Edge 3 Performance Bundle-Weiß-39-Suplest | Description

Swiss brand Suplest’s latest EDGE/3 Performance shoes blend exclusive and distinctive styling with cutting-edge performance. The ultra-stiff carbon sole along with the included SOLESTAR insole ensure that power transfer is maximized, while high-tech fabrics boost breathability. Boa closure ensures a precise fit and delivering class-leading comfort without sacrificing performance.

Solestar explains suplest edge/3 performance road shoes

Features of the Shoes

  • The uppers are made out of an ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight, seamless microfiber from Japan. Whose open mesh construction offers a combination of breathability, suppleness and support. 

  • ANATOMIC WRAP FIT, which has been built for multiple foot shapes and widths. The construction allows a maximum foot hold and is comfortable at the same time.

  • Equipped with SOLESTAR ERGO 360° insoles, which are specifically made for cycling. No loss of power, highest comfort and maximum stability.
  • Boa® Closure System, which provides smooth and even closure without pressure points.
  • Additional heel-grip due to a special anti-slip lining in the heel area. 

  • The Delta Grid construction allows the upper material to adapt to the shape of feet. 

  • The mesh is positioned in areas to get the ventilation and allows the shoes to dry quickly. 

  • This shoe has reflective elements, which helps the rider to be seen after dark, in low-light conditions or while riding through tunnels.

  • The Carbon Shield is a thin carbon layer, which spreads the pressure of the laces and offers a comfortable fit.

Suplest EDGE/3 Performance shoes

Insole Bundle Options

SOLESTAR Suplest cycling insoles are the entry level of the SOLESTAR product range, these insoles offer more performance and stability to every cyclist.

  • More stability
  • Increased comfort
  • Higher performance
  • Included in the Suplest Edge/3

SOLESTAR KONTROL cycling insoles, give you increased stability immediately. Your foot, shoe and pedal become one.

  • Great transmission of forces
  • Optimal guidance of the foot
  • Great stability
  • Special bundled price for extra €50.00 with Suplest Edge/3 Performance

SOLESTAR BLK cycling insoles for those who make no compromises with material or performance. Provides 100% power on the pedal, and has been specifically designed for the requirements in competitive cycling and triathlon.

  • Core made of high-quality carbon
  • Outstanding transmission of forces
  • Perfect stability
  • Special bundled price for extra €100.00 with Suplest Edge/3

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