Suplest Edge 3 Pro - SOLESTAR Bundle

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Suplest Edge 3 Pro - SOLESTAR Bundle | Highlights

Shoes made by bikers.

Do you want to ride fast and in style? If so, the Edge/3 Pro Road performance shoes are what you are looking for! These road shoes, powered by the patented SOLESTAR cycling insoles, Boa® Closure System and Carbon Shield are functional and efficient combined with a perfect fit allowing you to be fast.
SOLESTAR recommendation: We recommend this shoe to any cyclist with narrow to normal feet.

Combine the shoes with a SOLESTAR KONTROL or BLK and benefit from our unbeatable bundle prices!

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Suplest Edge 3 Pro - SOLESTAR Bundle | Attributes

Road Cycling
Semiprofessional, Competition


Suplest Edge 3 Pro - SOLESTAR Bundle | Description

Swiss brand Suplest’s latest EDGE/3 Pro shoes blend exclusive and distinctive styling with cutting-edge performance. The ultra-stiff carbon sole along with the included SOLESTAR insole ensure that power transfer is maximized, while high-tech fabrics boost breathability. Two Boa closures ensure a precise fit, along with the unique and innovative thin carbon shield under the laces that spreads the load and delivering class-leading comfort without sacrificing performance. DESIGN & INNOVATION AWARD 2016

In-Depth Review of Edge 3 Pro road shoe

Solestar explains suplest edge/3 pro road shoes

Features of the Shoes

  • The uppers are made out of an ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight, seamless microfiber from Japan. Whose open mesh construction offers a combination of breathability, suppleness and support. 

  • Replacable heel tread. 

  • Additional heel-grip due to a special anti-slip lining in the heel area. 

  • The Delta Grid construction allows the upper material to adapt to the shape of feet. 

  • The mesh is positioned in areas to get the ventilation and allows the shoes to dry quickly. 

  • This shoe has reflective elements, which helps the rider to be seen after dark, in low-light conditions or while riding through tunnels. 

suplest EDGE/3 Pro shoes

Extra Features

  • Equipped with SOLESTAR’s footbeds, which are specifically made for cycling. No loss of power, highest comfort and maximum stability. 

  • The anatomic WRAP tongue construction has been built to accommodate multiple foot shapes and widths. The construction allows a maximum foot hold and is comfortable at the same time. 

  • The Carbon Shield is a thin carbon layer, which spreads the pressure of the laces and offers a comfortable fit. 

  • Boa® Closure System, which provides smooth and even closure without pressure points.

Insole Bundle Options

SOLESTAR Suplest cycling insoles are the entry level of the SOLESTAR product range, these insoles offer more performance and stability to every cyclist.

  • More stability
  • Increased comfort
  • Higher performance
  • Included in the Suplest Edge/3

SOLESTAR KONTROL cycling insoles, give you increased stability immediately. Your foot, shoe and pedal become one.

  • Great transmission of forces
  • Optimal guidance of the foot
  • Great stability
  • Special bundled price for extra €50.00 with Suplest Edge/3 Pro

SOLESTAR BLK cycling insoles for those who make no compromises with material or performance. Provides 100% power on the pedal, and has been specifically designed for the requirements in competitive cycling and triathlon.

  • Core made of high-quality carbon
  • Outstanding transmission of forces
  • Perfect stability
  • Special bundled price for extra €100.00 with Suplest Edge/3

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